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What we do

Growth PJ is a digital marketing consultancy, training, and speaking firm. We specialize in the technical aspects of implementing effective digital marketing campaigns — Through providing consulting, training, strategic advice and also management.

Our Methodology

We believe to create a successful long-term marketing campaign you need to get down an dirty with the technical aspects, such as:

  • Choosing the right marketing channels (e.g. paid vs organic) for acquisition
  • The right technologies for your marketing goals and budget
  • Attribution and digital analytics
  • Platform mastery— Getting good at the tools and services you have chosen

Our Services

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Areas of Expertise

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Platforms We Specialize In

Analytics And Automation


CRM Tools

Website & Ecommerce



Companies We've Worked With

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Gavin Abeyratne

Co-founder of Type One Media

Khai Yong is one of the most experienced digital marketing strategists in the world. I have seen him manage hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in digital advertising spend, across multiple platforms, at a profit. This unique experience means he has gained insights and data that most people will simply never see in their lifetime. Though he is extremely humble, his range of expertise is, quite simply, unmatched. Combine this with his entrepreneurial spirit, and you have a highly effective technical & strategic marketing consultant.

Jeremy Ong

Founder of

Khai Yong is an amazing marketer when it comes to digital marketing especially growing organically with SEO. If I’m looking to launch a startup (or any business really) – he’s my go to guy to get results I want!

Artem Galimov

Co-founder of

Khai Yong has stellar knowledge and experience in the software-as-a-service industry. He mastered the craft of full-cycle business intelligence and web analytics, whereby measuring and analyzing the user behavior in the app, he can masterfully draw conclusions and define the roadmap for marketing and software development teams.

Josh Teng

Founder of NEXT Academy

Khai Yong was instrumental to the 6-figure to 7-figure growth of NEXT Academy in our early days. As an experience digital marketer, he was highly effective in getting hands-on executing various digital marketing and growth strategies in addition to leading a team of fresher digital marketers. In addition to his capabilities, his best qualities are his good values and his unwavering commitment to whatever goals and visions we set forth as a team.

Eugene Koon

Head of Growth at 價值思維學堂 ValueInMind

Khai is the most thorough growth hacker I have ever worked with. He’s more than just a strategist, his technical ability helped us built a robust end-to-end marketing funnel. In fact, he was my first manager and I learned so much from him when I started my career in digital marketing. On top of his vast experience in digital marketing, his work ethic and dedication is are also something I look up to. He’s always my go-to person to seek for marketing advice.

Viola Eva

SEO Consultant & Founder at Flow SEO

Working in the same team with Khai has been a true pleasure! He is reliable, diligent, always willing to help, proactive, and even better – an insanely funny and well reflected human being. Khai leads all things tracking, attribution and automation. He was driving (and measuring) most of the lead generation results for the Flow Research Collective. If you are looking to scale and automate your marketing efforts, Khai is your man. I am excited to work together in the future again!

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