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What SEO Keywords You Should Focus On

I’ll let you in on a little secret, most of my traffic comes from search terms which are 2 or more words in length.

In fact, I didn’t even intend to target most of these keywords as my “main keyword” but now they are bringing in a significant amount of traffic.

Wanna know the recipe for its success?

One word.


Even if the total search volume for these long-tail keywords are much lower, they bring in way more clicks because of the intent behind the searches.

Consider the following scenario:

Keyword: Boba
Search Volume: 1000
CTR (Click-through rate): 3%
Clicks to website: 30

Keyword: Boba Tea Reviews
Search Volume: 200
CTR: 20%
Clicks to website: 40

“B)” won hands down because people looking for Boba Tea reviews there is intent behind the search term used, and you can get a chunk of clicks if your pages match what they are looking for.

“A)” on the other hand, is super generic and is likely way more competitive on the search engine results page compared to “B”.

The moral of the story: Do extensive keyword research and don’t count out search terms which have lower search volume.