SEO Killer Instinct Workshop

Discover How I Grew My Website From 0 To 73,000 Organic Visits In Less Than 3 Months

In this 1-day workshop, you'll learn the exact SEO strategies and methods I used to accelerate my website traffic on search as a one-man team without any ad budget.

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To my startup founders, marketers, and friends,

One of the challenges most Malaysian startups face is scaling up their traffic without breaking the bank. If you've been using paid traffic to get leads and customers, you may eventually hit a brick wall due to heavy competition and limited reach.

To scale efficiently, you also got to think about your investors and retaining talent, and you can't do that with a hole in your marketing budget.

Having worked in a local startup myself, I know first-hand how the pressure to hit sales targets can lead to a never-ending cycle of hardship and burnout.

Building my own startup had always been one of my goals, but I knew I had to solve the problem of traffic acquisition so I wouldn't have to worry about sales every day.

And so, for the last few years of my career, I spent a lot of time researching and figuring out how to solve the problem of how to scale a startup efficiently.

After many personal experiments and conversations with friends who run highly profitable web-based businesses, the A-HA moment came.

I noticed they had one thing in common: Their main source of traffic was organic search!

I became obsessed with exploring SEO. In 2017 during the Bitcoin craze, I created a blog which brought in 3000 organic visits in 1 month. Not bad for the first try. Then, I refined my techniques and marketed my Chrome Extension which now has close to 10,000 users - without paying a single cent!

This year, I took it a step further to put all my effort into SEO, and the results were astonishing. Which is the purpose of my upcoming workshop, to show you how to use SEO to tap into a massive pool of customers!

Is This Right For You?

This workshop is designed for startup or business owners who are:

  • Not currently using SEO to get customers
  • Have maxed out their ad spend and want to explore new traffic sources
  • Want to bootstrap their startup to success
  • Tried SEO, have NOT achieved significant results, and wants to get their first 50k visitors
  • Is a student of life and is eager to learn what works for SEO in 2019

If you fall into one of these groups, you and your team will benefit greatly from this 1-day workshop!

Here's What Might Happen Once You Work On SEO...

Once you've started tapping into SEO, your business may experience some "side effects" (in a good way). Here are some things that happened to me once my SEO traffic started growing:

  • People started reaching out to me for collaborations
  • I was interviewed by an international news portal
  • News websites (online and print) started quoting my website
  • Basically, I became seen as an authority in my niche

Why Should You Learn From Me?

The proof is in the pudding.

My personal belief is you shouldn't teach anything unless you have the results to prove it.

If you just Google "SEO courses", you will find 1000s of teachers. Sadly, most of them are non-practitioners and are just regurgitating the guides on That's why I only decided to do this workshop once I had personally experience the results of my research and hard work.

Here's the proof of my organic traffic growth:

(Click To Enlarge Image)

This is a Google Analytics screenshot of one of my recent projects. I was able to build up the organic traffic to this level with less than RM100 budget - All on my own.

For those who don't know me personally, I have consulted and worked with some of the biggest names in the digital industry and have close to a decade of digital marketing experience.

Testimonials From Past Workshop Attendees

Here Are What Others Say About Me:

We were impressed with his passion for online marketing, profile, and skill sets. His work on numerous small to medium scale experiments with Social Media, Online Marketing, and SEO caught our attention. As one of the first employees of Keyword Tool, he has helped the company grow its online presence, sales, and global footprint in over 200+ countries. - Leow Kah Thong, Co-founder At
Khai Yong is an amazing marketer when it comes to digital marketing especially growing organically with SEO. If I'm looking to launch a startup (or any business really) - he's my go to guy to get results I want! - Jeremy Ong, Founder of
Frankly, Khai Yong Ng is one of the most experienced digital marketing strategists in the world. I have seen him personally manage hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in digital advertising spend, across multiple platforms, at a profit. This unique experience means he has gained insights and data that most people will simply never see in their lifetime. Though he is extremely humble, his range of expertise is, quite simply, unmatched. Combine this with his entrepreneurial spirit, and you have a highly effective technical & strategic marketing consultant. - Gavin Abeyratne, Marketing Consultant
Khai Yong definitely knows his shit. You’ll learn a lot of things that are immediately applicable to your SEO strategy. It was a great refresher course for me, and I felt inspired to let my killer SEO instincts run loose. Watch out, Google! - Thum Yee Lin, Marketer At Storehub

And so, I'd like to invite you to check out my upcoming SEO workshop...

SEO Killer Instinct Workshop

This is not your run-off-the-mill SEO workshop. I will share with you my personal SEO secrets and show you how to grow your organic traffic, FAST, using my tested and proven methods.

Here's what you will learn:

  • Full strategy revealed - How I grew my website from 0 to 73,000 organic visits without spending on ads.
  • Exclusive access to my private SEO tools dashboards and how I use them to track progress and grow my organic traffic.
  • How to start your SEO from scratch, no prior experience required.
  • Technical SEO insights - We go into the nitty-gritty tactics on how to create SEO-optimized pages which rank fast.
  • How to jump start your website's authority in Google if your website is new.
  • My personal strategies for getting quality backlinks.
  • The SEO Killer Instinct - I believe what differentiates good SEOs from great is the ablity to spot opportunities which synergize with your SEO efforts. I'll share examples I've used in my own business so you can do the same.
  • SEO Myth Busting - Ask me what works / doesn't work anymore in SEO!

Workshop Fees And Details

  • Date: 21 September 2019, Saturday
  • Time: 9am to 5pm
  • Venue: SPEWCO Coworking Space, Kota Damansara
  • Fee: RM1080 per pax
  • What to bring: Laptop, charger

To ensure participants get ample time with me, only 20 seats will be made available.

Registration Closed

How Much Is 1K Worth To You?

According to a study by Wordstream in 2015, the average cost-per-click (CPC) in Malaysia is estimated to be RM1-RM2 (75% less than US CPC). This number is probably a lot higher now due to increasing advertiser competition.

70000 advertising clicks will cost you RM70,000 at minimum

For just a small investment and a few hours of your time, you'll be potentially saving thousands of Ringgit worth of advertising costs by tapping into a huge reservoir or free, organic traffic. As the saying goes, every penny saved is a penny earned.

I spent many months figuring out what works in SEO so you don't have to, and I'm excited to share all my learnings with you over the course of the one-day workshop.

Money Back Guarantee

If after attending my workshop, you go back and make a significant effort (at least 20 hours of work) to implement the strategies and still see no results, you can ask for a full refund within 45 days after the workshop.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this an introductory workshop?
  • Nope! This is the full package. We will dive straight into what works to grow your SEO.
  • Do I Need Prior SEO Skills To Attend?
  • Nope! I will ensure that the workshop is easy to understand so people with no prior knowledge can get up to speed quicky. However, you have to be comfortable with using tools and services (Google Analytics, for example) on the internet or bring someone along who is.
  • Can I pay via alternative methods / currencies?
  • Yes, email me at growthpj[at]
  • How many people should I send for this workshop?
  • I recommend 2-3 people per team but it's up to you. I would like as many companies to benefit from this as possible.
  • I already have organic traffic. Will this workshop benefit me?
  • Yes, you will learn my personal strategies which may synergize with your existing SEO efforts. Feel free to speak to me if you are unsure.
  • I'm running a B2B business. Will this be suitable for me?
  • This workshop is more suited for B2C. The total search volume for B2B is typically much lower. However, if you know that the traffic you get from Google is worth a lot, then it is probably worth investing in this workshop so you can dominate this channel.
  • Is there a referral program for this workshop?
  • At this point no, but I will really appreciate if you would share this with your startup friends who would benefit from this.
  • Will my business start to make money after implementing your strategies?
  • It depends on your business. For example, if you are already making money from your website through web traffic, this SEO workshop will amplify your sales because you will get a lot more traffic. If you haven't established your marketing funnel or product-market fit, this is not a quick solution for you.

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P.S. As I'm currently busy running my consulting business, this will be one of the rare occasions I will do a workshop at this value. I can't say when I'll be doing this again.

Questions? Email me at growthpj[at]

Results And Earnings Disclaimer:

The results you see here are specific to my business. There is no guarantee that you will see the same result or make money immediately after implementing the strategies in this workshop. Every business is different. Hence, you should first consider if SEO is something you'd like to learn and implement for your business.